Each model has its specific characteristics, depending on the shape of a guitar, bracing pattern, used material and structural design. Each model can be modified but significant qualities are unchangeable.


15" - The smallest true jazz guitar model.
Mostly made in Bebop version.
Resistant to feedback, modern jazz, funky, fusion, ...
Models with the central block - or block between top and back - are usable in rock, pop, ...
15" models can be used with guitar effect.

16" The universal model for classic bebop, but great for funky, fusion or other modern jazz styles.
Central block construction available.
Historic version is very loud and concrete.
Bebop, funky, fusion, ...

Double Cutaway (DC) Double cutaway is instrument mostly designed with central block. Block material is determinantal for sound of the guitar. Double Cutaway construction makes the guitar versatile. Model can be made like jazz or like rock guitar depending on used materials.
Very resistant to feedback, great cooperation with guitar effect.
Jazz, funky, fusion, pop, rock, ...

17"Favoured 17" model.
Available in Historic or Bebop version. Full strong tones with sufficient sustain.
Bebop version is suitable for bebop or similar jazz styles.
Historic version is popular in swing big bands.

18" The largest standard model, mostly made in Historic version.
Very loud, the most coloured guitar designed for big band usage.

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Acoustic steel string

Steel Thin Atypical model in electric guitar size.
Designed for usage with pickups. Sound hole absence makes the guitar absolutely resistant to feedback.
Pop, rock, jazz, ...

Grand Concert Small 15" model designed for on stage playing.
Resistant to feedback, less coloured, fewer loud sound.
Available in thin body version or in arch back version.
Pop, rock, jazz, ...

Grand Stage Middle sized model with surprisingly coloured sound and acoustic power.
Suitable for full acoustic usage or usage with pickups.
Sound balanced, resistant to feedback.
Blues, finger style, ragtime, rock, pop, folk, ...

Jumbo Stage Enlarged Grand Stage model.
Folk, songsters, rock, pop, ...

Dreadnought The most versatile model of acoustic guitar.
Less coloured but very loud, full, strong sound.
Many construction variants enable many sound characters.
Bluegrass, country, folk, songsters, ...

Jumbo Jumbo guitars have coloured, a little bit mellow sound.
Not so loud and strong as Dreadnought models.
Folk, songsters, pop, ...

Super Jumbo The legendary acoustic guitar model.
The largest of standard guitar models. Coloured, loud sound with lots of basses and trebles. Folk, songsters, pop, ...

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Acoustic nylon string

Nylon strings have lower tension than steel strings and that means lower acoustic power. This is why the highest quality materials and delicate construction are necessary to achieving optimal sound qualities. Nylon string guitars are mostly full solid.
Nyloncaster, Nylon Electric, Semi and Jazz lines are departure from the rule. These guitars are determined to onstage playing with pickup systems.

Electric guitar sized guitar, suitable for "electric" playing.
Absolutely resistant to feedback.

Nylon Electric
Smaller model inspired by standard classical guitars.
Sound hole absence makes the guitar absolutely resistant to feedback.

Classic and Grand Concert
Spanish - model is designed for classical music players.
Coloured sophisticated and laud sound.

Flamenco - classic guitar designed especially for percussive flamenco style.
The typical material combination is Spruce for top and Cypress for body.
Less coloured and compact sound.

Jazz - nylon string guitar, mostly with cutaway, designed for onstage playing.
There is a different construction applied to avoid feddback and respect used pickup systems.
Another distinction can be applied to neck construction. Nut width 46 - 48 mm, round fingerboard with 21 - 24 frets, 14 frets to the body are options on demand.
The acoustic sound isnĀ“t so loud and coloured but it is optimized for pickup usage.

Semi - thin side guitar designed for onstage playing with pickup systems.
Mostly with archback to louder and more powerful sound. Jazz, pop, rock,...

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