Prices Electric Upright Bass

Prochazka Custom Guitars offer two different models of Upright Bass in 4 or 5 strings version.
Carbon fibre tip, removable ergonomic birch rests, scale and other important proportions are identical with acoustic 3/4 or 4/4 double bass.

Basic price: 1 860,- €
Hollow body: Alder
Top - hand carved: Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: ebony
Tailpiece: ebony
Bridge: Maple
Hardware: Gotoh
Pickup piezo: Shadow with custom made preamp
Tip: Carbon fibre
Rests: Birch
Strings: Thomastik Spirocore

Magnetic pickup Prochazka Custom Guitars: Ebony covered 170,-€
(4 or 5 separately adjustable coils)
Active mix for piezo - magnetic pickups combination: 45,- €
Active Electronic 2 band: 85,- €
Active Electronic 3 band: 125,- €
Custom body shape: 210,- €
Custom rests shape: 85,- €
Gigbag standard: 85,- €
Gigbag luxury - shaped: 230,- €
Strings: on the request
French polishing: 300,-€

Prices can be changed by our suppliers price changes.

Prices are effective from: February 2008